2022 Luncheon – in Honor of US Consul General Richard Mei

JETAAWJ 2022 luncheon group picture
The guests at our 2022 Luncheon.

Also Happy 35th, JET Program!

Special thanks to our dai sempai Mombusho English Fellow alumni US Consul General Richard Mei and Austin Moore, who was actually one of the first CLAIR staff in charge of recruiting JETs in 1986!

Thank you also to Mr. Kobayashi, Simon & Kevin of CLAIR who came from Tokyo, and AJET’s chair and vice chair Spencer and Joe, who also came a long way to be with us in Kobe.

After a hiatus, this event marked the beginning of JETAA WJ starting in-person events. We look forward to planning more in-person (and online) events for the rest of the year and beyond.

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