JETAAWJ Webinar Series #3 – Eden Law “Podcasting and the JET alumni experience”

JETAA International’s webmaster and podcaster Eden Law joins us to talk about all things podcasting, his JET and post-JET experiences and about his passion for stories.

You can find Eden Law’s podcast on JETAA International’s website here:…

The podcast can also be found on SoundCloud:

You can reach Eden via JETAA International’s website:…

** During the talk, Eden mentioned his experiences with JETAA International (JETAAI) and the letters project with his students after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake disaster.
Two things that Eden neglected to mention:
– Board of Advisors: The JETAAI committee is supported by a dedicated board of advisors.
– Eden also wishes to acknowledge the help of CLAIR Sydney and Manly City Council in the project (at Sydney’s 2011 Japan Festival) mentioned during this interview. Another useful resource for podcasting is the Free Music Archive (

** For those interested, the JETWit podcast beat can be found here:…

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